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Accounts Payable - The Accounts Payable function is to record and post bills for vendor invoices and schedule payments to avoid finance charges, late fees, and in some cases collections. Inland Northwest Bookkeeping has the knowledge and the skills to take on your full accounting functions. If you are tired of paying late charges, you need help understanding the difference between NET 30 or NET 10 2%, and to understand the difference between an invoice and statement then Inland Northwest Bookkeeping is the Spokane bookkeeping service for you.

Below you will find our Accounts Payable services:

Accounts Receivable - How can we be behind in cash flow? The sales team is bringing in the orders. Why does my bank show such a low deposits this month? Accounts Receivable is a very important role in balancing and monitoring revenue flow. Without controlling your receivables you can be in a cash flow crunch that could have been avoided by hiring one of our Spokane accountants who specialize in Certified Bookkeeping Services.

Below you will find our Accounts Receivable services:

o Delinquent notices
o Collection Agencies

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation - Reconciliation is an essential part of bookkeeping. Reconciling the bank statements is the most important task of running a business. It determines checks that have cleared, outstanding transactions, the amount in a certain account, and most important where your money is tied up. Reconciling credit card statements allows necessary allocation to the proper expense accounts, so you know how much you are spending on a certain credit card.

The following are the Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation services:

Administrative Services - Every office needs to be organized in order to find things easy and not have to scramble through piles of paperwork to find anything. Let Inland Northwest Bookkeeping Service help you from becoming stressed and focus more on the company making profits. Inland Northwest Bookkeeping Service offers QuickBooks advisors and administrative help at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

Below you will find our Administrative services:

Description of Services

Payroll/Payroll Taxes - When it comes to payroll many small businesses panic of the thought of making a mistake with all the new tax laws that come and go.

Small business owners spend a lot of their time worrying about performing payroll functions instead they should be out generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, improving products or services, or servicing customers.

We offer payroll services to help you to free up your time; so you can spend more time doing what you do best--running your company.

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll:

Payroll service performed as follows:

Quarterly tax reporting - Are you tired of worrying about when your taxes are do and wonder if they are accurate? Inland Northwest Bookkeeping Service is here to take those worries away. We will make sure all reports are filed in a timely manner.

Monthly/Quarterly Review - Do you think your books are in tip-top shape? Do you actually know for sure? Is everything in order and organized to hand over to your CPA at the end of the year? If you have doubts on any of these questions then we can help with your feeling of doubt.

We will take the snapshot of your company's transactions and look for any discrepancies. If we have located entries that have not been processed properly we will inform you of the problem and get it fixed. We can do this either monthly or quarterly to make sure by the end of the year it will be snap to hand your paperwork over to your CPA for tax season.

Advantages of this service are as follows:

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